Geeta Plastic Products Nigeria Limited

Geeta Plastic

Geeta Plastic –
Manufacturing Plastics since 2003

Geeta Plastic is one of Nigeria’s finest plastic manufacturing firms. The firm produces superior quality plastics, alongside providing customers with assistance and expertise on innovative designs, moulds, and labeling.



The company manufactures rigid plastic packaging that caters to various cosmetic, pharmaceutical, oil, food, water, and beverage industries. These products include (but are not limited to) jars, cosmetic containers, caps and closures, jerry cans, bottles, PET preforms, PET containers, thin wall containers, oil containers, and pharmaceutical containers.

Apart from the variety of industries that they cater to, Geeta Plastic also manufactures a variety of sizes for each of their products. Moreover, their products can be customized to suit specific requirements, and they are part of the journey, right from ideation to execution.



Apart from the manufacturing division, Geeta Plastic can print and supply labels and sleeves for your packaging. The company supplies BOPP and PVC labels that can be designed to your taste by our in-house design team.

Customers can book some time and design their own labels on the spot, thereby ensuring a speedy and efficient process.



Geeta Plastic acts as a consultancy to help you in getting the right product that suits your needs and requirements. Tailor made products, at competitive prices, combined with the essential skills and expertise that you can rely on is what the company is all about. This ensures that your product is nothing less than the best in the market.

The company’s motto is ‘We make money when the customer makes money’ and thereby promises to ensure that what you receive is the very best.